Faraday Electric Bikes


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Faraday began when a team of designers and engineers from IDEO was asked to design the ultimate modern utility bicycle. The challenge was posed by the Portland-based bicycle design and innovation contest the Oregon Manifest. We saw an opportunity to create a totally unique electric bike and worked nights and weekends for 6 long months to bring that vision to life.


Building an electric bike from the ground up requires engineering every piece of the bicycle – from the frame to the battery to the software – to work together perfectly. It took dozens if not hundreds of frame and fork prototypes to 3D prints to circuit board revs to perfect Faraday’s unique electromechanical systems.

Faraday Cortland S - The iconic electric step-through from Faraday. Shown in coral - a new color coming late 2018.

Faraday Porter - A classy belt-drive e-bike that looks amazing.