Yuba Cargo Bicycles

Yuba Bicycles makes a range of solid cargo bikes built for heavy hauling. We've been a Yuba retailer since we opened and they're one of our top brands precisely because of the solidity of the product. 

Yuba is based in Petaluma, CA and is named after a river in central California. Their bike designs invoke the serious, and the playful, and there's bound to be a bike in their line up that speaks to you. 



Yuba Boda Boda Version 3 -Yuba's new, highly versatile cargo bike that's great for two kids! and the stuff that sustains them. A very capable family vehicle. 

Yuba Mundo v4 - Yuba's best pedal powered cargo bike. Great design, durable Chro-molly frame, hydraulic disc brakes, dyno hub lighting, this bike comes beautifully equipped, ready to be accessorized as a great family pedal-vehicle. 


Yuba Electric Cargo Bicycles

Yuba Electric Cargo bikes are designed to be accessible, useful, modular and affordable.  

Who needs a pickup truck? With the Spicy Curry you’ve got a low-rider cargo rack so kids can jump on and off more easily than ever, and your center of gravity with a full load is rock-solid. Play around with adding Yuba accessories to fit your needs; of course they’re compatible with the Spicy Curry.

The elBoda Boda V2 BionX makes it easy to go car-free. It’s powerful 350w BionX electric-assist rear motor makes it easy to get where you’re going fast, and sweat-free! Capable of going up to 37 miles (60 km) per charge, with a top-speed of 20 mph (32 kph), the bike is fast, quiet, and light. The Boda Boda BionX elevates utility cycling to a new level of elegance and comfort. The integrated rear rack and love handles make it easy to pick up a friend, a case of wine, or power tools. 

Yuba Spicy Curry- A versatile cargo bike powered by a Currie-tech motor

Yuba El Boda Boda - BionX hub motor powers this 1 kid cargo bike

Yuba Kids' Bicycles

The best way to develop your child's early sense of balance and confidence on a bike is to invest in a kick-bike - a bike that has no pedals and allows the seat to be run low so your child can propel themselves by kicking. 

Yuba makes a unique kick-bike, called the Flip Flop, which has two configurations which 'grow' with your child.  Recommended for ages 15 months - 6 years.

Yuba Flip Flop - a toddler cargo kick-bike that grows with your child