Blue Heron Bikes’ Mission

We want to live in a world full of bicycles. The transportation mode share for bicycles in Berkeley is said to be around 8%. This is high for the US, but nothing like some European cities, like Amsterdam and Copenhagen, which I saw quoted as 36% bicycle mode share. So, what does this all mean? Bikes make all of our lives better, for all the good energy saving, environmental reasons, but also for lots of good social reasons. Bikes bring us closer together and enhance our neighborhoods and communities. What are we saying? Just ride!

High Quality Casual

We offer a wide array of high quality bikes and accessories for the casual and curious bike rider.  If you're looking for a road less traveled, but being well equipped for the journey, make your first stop Blue Heron Bikes where you can find a wide array of panniers, handlebar bags, lighting systems, hydration systems and more.

Everyday Adventure

Is your taste for adventure as strong as your distaste for traffic? Can you imagine doing things by bike most people only dream of? The Blue Heron speaks your language.  Let us foster the wanderlust that stirs you. Rob Allen, founder of Blue Heron Bikes, has many bike adventures under his belt, and he's not afraid to share it.

Car Replacement

Replacing car trips with bike trips is part of our mission.  It's also part of the reason we've been so successful.  We carry the widest array of quality cargo bikes in the Bay Area, and we provide excellent service to keep you rolling rain or shine.  If you're in the market for a cargo bike, for carrying your family, your pet, or stuff, start here.