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The New Tern GSD: A Compact, Capable Family E-Bike


We Are Front Loader Cargo Bike Experts

Larry vs. Harry Bullitt Front Loader

We are the leading Bullitt dealer in the Bay Area.  Whether you're looking to carry kids, cargo, either electrified or "acoustic," we are here to help.  Select models available for test ride in our Berkeley store.


Urban Arrow Front Loader

Urban Arrow makes modular electric front loader cargo bikes that are great for hauling kids.  Compelled by innovative designs, the integration of Bosch motors and a wide range of accessories.  Urban Arrows are here, ready to try.

We Are Longtail Leaders in the East Bay

Xtracycle's New Swoop

A step-through EdgeRunner from Xtracycle, called the Swoop. Great for shorter legs, heavier loads, or simple comfort. Available with Bosch electric assist, or with no assist.


Yuba's Spicy Curry

A Bosch-powered configurable electric cargo bike that is popular with families and commuters with large loads.  The rigid aluminum frame lends confidence on the road.

Faraday Bikes

Faraday Bikes, based in San Francisco, offers stylish and powerful electric bikes that have optional front and rear racks for kids & cargo.  Faraday Electric bikes.

Price Protection

We pride ourselves on honest and clear communication. From tune-ups to new bikes, we are her to serve you. Check out our new price protection policy.

Brompton Folders

Bromptons remain the best loved folding bike because of their ultra-compact fold and quality construction. More on Brompton.

Electric Bikes

From city to family to front loader cargo bikes, we offer plenty of electric options that  extend your range, speed your commute, and keep the car parked.

Kids Bikes

From 12" kick bikes to 26" multi-speed bikes for teens, we offer a wide range of quality, affordable kids bikes. Check out our full line of kids bikes.

Touring Bikes

We are proud to announce that we now sell two Rivendell models - the Clem Smith Jr, low (step-through) and high (diamond-frame) models.