Surly Bicycles

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Surly is legendary for popularizing unique bikes that become mainstays of the cycling world.  They were among the first to embrace single speeds, 29ers, and fat tire bikes.  Our favorite Surly bikes blend elements of different bike styles to make a useful, unique and versatile transportation machine.

Our most popular Surly is the Long Haul Trucker, which was designed in all aspects to go the distance in relative comfort, and to be able to haul a bunch of stuff. Its low bottom bracket and long chainstays provide comfort and stability. Surly gave it ample tire clearance for larger tires (larger tires soak up a lot of road static) with room for fenders. The frame’s tubing is thicker-walled and larger-diameter than standard road and sport-touring frames, and this pre-tunes it for the weight of cargo. And it’s got all the braze-ons, from rack mounts to water bottle cage bosses to spare spoke holders. Like all our frames, it’s made of CroMoly steel. 

Surly's Ogre receives a similar treatment as Troll did in years previous — horizontal slotted dropouts with Gnot-Boost spacing, a tweaked non-suspension corrected geometry, and a beefier tire clearance — but in a 29er platform. The chainstay yoke has been redesigned to be fully compatible with both 29 x 2.5” and 27.5+ tires. Now with even more of the accessory barnacles you've come to know and love on many of our bikes: two water bottle mounts, four sets of three-pack bosses, mid- and low-blade fork eyelets, threaded holes for racks, fenders, and trailer mounting nuts, and a Rohloff OEM2 axle plate slot.

Surly Long Haul Trucker - The classic all arounder - part city, part tour

Surly Disc Trucker  - A classic, updated, with Avid mechanical disc brakes.

Surly Disc Trucker - A classic, updated, with Avid mechanical disc brakes.

Surly Ogre - A serious bike that tackles trails, touring, or your commute