Raleigh City Bicycles

Back in the late 1880's, co-founder of the Raleigh Bicycle Company, Frank Bowden wanted everyone to find the simple happiness that came with riding a bike. He made good on that wish by transforming a small shop on Raleigh Street in Nottingham, England into the largest bicycle manufacturer on the planet.

Raleigh bikes are everywhere. At the Tour de France, ridden by 1980 winner Joop Zoetemelk. In the Kevin Bacon, bike messenger film Quicksilver. And these days, alongside the championship Raleigh-Clement racing team. Not to mention countless trails, roads, bike racks and finish lines.

It's been over 125 years and Raleigh continues to show riders how much fun cycling can be. From the Roker Comp to the Urban Cross collection, Raleigh knows what it takes to enjoy the ride.

We feature the Raleigh Redux 1 and the Raleigh Superbe - two distinct expressions of a city bike.  

Raleigh Detour 2 - A true 'hybrid' bicycle also available as a step-through

Raleigh Cadent 3 - A sporty 700c city bike that's responsive and fast

Raleigh Electric Bicycles

Hills and headwinds are all in the past with an electric bike... Electric bikes have come of age, delivering many miles of smooth, reliable, powered assistance.

For those looking for some help going the distance, or an extra lap of the trail centre, whether you are just starting work or enjoying retirement, modern ebikes make cycling inclusive!

Raleigh electric bikes offer a high specification and performance for any budget.

Raleigh Detour IE - A fast urban ride assisted by Shimano's STEPS motor

Raleigh Kids' Bicycles

Raleigh makes well thought out, affordable and durable kids bikes with plenty of style.  We have plenty of experience helping you fit the bike to the kid - it's important to buy a bike that fits your child well to ensure safety and comfort, but also to consider your child's ability to "grow into" their new bike to protect your investment.

Generally speaking, kids ages 2-5 will need a kick-bike, a bicycle designed without pedals.  We sell a great kick-bike that will grow with your child.  From 5-8, generally a 12" or 16" wheel bike will work great for your child, depending on their height.  After that, your child will graduate to a 24" wheel bike quite likely with gears, higher quality hand-brakes and a more sporty ride position.  

Come check out our selection of kids bikes that includes the bikes shown at right.

Raleigh Lily 16 & Rowdy 16 - Stylish and simple 16 inch kid's bikes.

Raleigh Redux 24 & 26 - Quality multi-speed big kid's bikes.