Why bike transportation?

Pedaling people arrive at using a bike for transportation many ways.
This is a common process:

Motivation: A family with two cars notices that transportation is consuming too much of the family budget. Automobiles are expensive to own and operate. This realization leads to an inspiration. Perhaps we could get a high capacity bike, maybe one with electric assist, for local transportation. If we make the bike a cargo bike, we can do all the shopping, and drop the kids off at school. This electric assist cargo bike can provide all of our local transportation.

Justification: An electric assist cargo bike is a substantial bike purchase, requiring $3000 to $10,000. The financial justification is simple. The cost of operating a car is far higher. No contest.

Now, the rewards: Clearly, riding a clean, green bike is a positive choice. It’s fun. Also, it is the responsible social choice. You ride a bike through the environment, participating in it as you travel. Going about your daily travels you encounter your friends, family and neighbors. The car, in contrast, isolates the driver. Choosing local bike transportation, you’re making the choice for everyday adventure. If you’re taking the kids with you, you’re giving them the gift of everyday bike adventure.

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